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Sedation Dentistry

Dental Sedation in Pikesville, MD

We understand that it’s not always easy to receive dental care, which is why Dr. Howard Rothschild provides sedation options and gentle administration of local anesthesia through our WAND device. It is the goal of our Pikesville dental team to improve patient comfort while receiving treatment, allowing for a positive dental experience. Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of Maryland is committed to delivering quality care with a personal touch for our patients.

Our Pikesville dentist and staff listen to patients and ensures they are comfortable before proceeding with treatment. We explain every step of the process, minimizing fear with knowledge. In combination with our sedation care, our approach allows you to relax and achieve better oral health. 

Dental Sedation to Enhance Comfort  

Some patients have experienced dental fear from a young age, making it difficult to receive even a cleaning. We want to help patients obtain a healthier smile, and accommodate for unique needs, such as dental anxiety or sensitive teeth. Dr. Rothschild is DOCS certified to provide oral-conscious sedation to patients who need additional support to receive treatment. Typically given as a pill, oral-conscious sedation maximizes assists in putting patients’ mind and body in a relaxed state. Our practice offers Ativan, for the proven effect it has on encouraging a pleasant dental experience for our patients. 

Oral-conscious sedation leaves patients fully comfortable, but responsive during treatment. We uphold the highest standards of patient safety at our practice and conduct a thorough health history check to be sure Ativan is right for you. Whether you require an advanced procedure or suffer from acute dental anxiety, our dentist has a solution available to help. 

Gentle Local Anesthesia with WAND

The WAND system offers patients a high-tech and easy way to be numbed for dental care. This tool controls the flow of anesthetic, minimizing discomfort for patients. Instead of the typical syringe with a cartridge, the WAND hand-piece is the size of a pen and is clear as well.
The size and the lightness of the device allow our dentist greater tactile control, ensuring the proper areas of the smile are numbed. With the computer-controlled application of local anesthetic, distribution of medication is slower and causes less discomfort compared with normal techniques. The WAND was made with patient concerns in mind to offer a non-traditional approach to meeting your dental comfort needs.  

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We help patients obtain the dental care they require and are compassionate toward patients who have sensitive teeth and dental fears. To receive expert dental care from Dr. Rothschild and our team, call us to schedule an appointment. Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of Maryland is here for you!


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